Wednesday, May 14, 2014

March Recap

I am clearly still working on catching up on a bunch of posts since my old laptop ran out of storage and I couldn't upload pictures!  I hate getting behind, so I've been mixing catch up and recent fun things.  Hope it isn't getting too confusing!  Here is a recap of March!  There have been several other posts from March already done - including the one snow (ice) day we had, going to a children's museum with friends, and going to see the bunnies with Cee Cee!
Several of the pictures are just before school or just for fun.  I think this was Katie's class picture day :)
 And this one has changed a lot since that picture was taken - but he still looked so big!  Especially wearing that hat!
 This was taken on a gorgeous Friday - I found a fun little store not far from my house and loved the cement stairs and wall so I took a couple pictures!
 And since the kids were on their best behavior in the store, we went to the park on our way home!
 Again - he looked so old to me at that time...but he is even older looking now!
 Later in the month, Katie headed to one of many birthday parties!  It was a girly, dress-up and makeup kind of party!  Doesn't she look cute? Oh, just wait until you see the makeup selections...
 Yes that's right.  She chose black eyeshadow.  And the girl that put it on her did a cateye design with it.  Oh dear.
 At least her hair looked adorable!  And full of glitter!
 And Katie with the birthday girl!  I have no idea why Katie chose black eyeshadow - maybe she will get that craziness out of her system by the time she wears real makeup! :)
 And here are Katie and Hannah Jo before heading to yet another birthday party!  I think it was before a monster truck themed one - and they had a blast!
And here are the crazies on St. Patty's Day!
 And I believe these were already posted, but I love them so I decided to include them again :)
 Carter and Katie look so grown up here.  It seems just like yesterday that they were wee ones running around the park! 
And of course this guy was all smiles when he got to run around freely :) 
 And this was before church one day!
Our friends came over to watch basketball, so we had to get a picture of all the big girls together!
 And the kiddos before we headed out to see the bunnies! Love those spring colors! 
 Katie with her buddies after one of their birthday parties!
 Katie and Hannah Jo before getting in the car!
 And I think this was just before school one morning.  So sweet though!
 And look at all those teeth!  Whew! And he has even more since this picture!  Right now he is working on the canines...pure torture!  And he's so uncomfortable - poor dude.  One of them has cut through.  The top two are just minutes away from cutting through it seems.  And the other bottom one won't be too far behind.  When Jack teethes, he means business!
Check back tomorrow for April's recap!  I'm slowly but surely getting there!  Others coming up include my 34 week post (eek!), Katie's soccer season, Katie's new big girl room, Ryan's nursery, Jack's redone room...lots going on!



  1. Catching up is so hard but I'm enjoying all your posts!

  2. So funny about the black eye shadow! When I was 3, I was in my uncle's wedding. It was pastel rainbow themed (gotta love the 80's!) and I was told I could pick ANY color I wanted for a dress. So of course I picked black! My most favorite color! The idea got turned down, and I was forced to wear pink (my least favorite color!)
    Needless to say, all my bridesmaids wore black at my wedding last year, and they looked beautiful! Good for Katie picking what she likes ;) haha