Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bump Watch: 32 Weeks

How far along: 32 weeks (as of last Thursday)! Holy moly - that sounds like the big day is getting close! And it is!
Size of baby: Honeydew - or 19 inches and 4.5 pounds!
Total weight gained: Hm.  Do we really need to go there? :) I think the grand total is about 35 lbs.  Yuck.
Maternity clothes: Absolutely!  I actually have already started a bin of maternity clothes to get rid of - the things from winter or that the belly is already too big for!
Gender: The 4D ultrasound confirmed that he is definitely still a boy!
Movement: Holy moly - TONS of movement!  And since we had the 4D ultrasound, I have a better idea of what body part is where in the belly!  The other night even Brad was amazed at the strength of the movements!
What I Miss: When I get out of bed, I have to walk like a 90 year old - everything is sore and so stiff...especially in my lower back and hips!  I have also discovered that if I try to do too much and talk on the phone, I get out of breath.  That is just crazy.  I still miss my regular clothes.  And going to tae bo.  And wine.
Cravings: I think we have had a record amount of sweets in the house the last couple of weeks.  Diet Coke with grenadine has been pretty tasty lately.  I seem to also eat more snacky things throughout the day as opposed to actual meals.
Aversions: Nothing jumps out at me here.  Super spicy things are a no go because of the heartburn - but I don't really do well with spicy stuff even when I'm not pregnant.  Actually, chocolate gives me heartburn pretty bad too.  I push through that and have Tums available - I can't do without chocolate!  Cooking also is not top of the list for me - nothing jumps out at me and I am exhausted by the end of the day.  I am going to try to do better and use the crockpot more often though!
Symptoms: Oh my - heartburn is in full force these days.  It happens when I'm hungry, it happens while I'm eating, and it happens if I lay too flat at night.  Thank goodness for Tums.  Oh, and the back pain - no fun at all.  Thank goodness for a husband that is willing to rub my back every so often! Pregnancy brain is also very real.  Oh my.
Best moment of the week: The 4D ultrasound was awesome.  It is so neat to know that that is the baby that is growing inside my and will soon join the world.  I can't wait to see him "in person" and hold him and kiss him.  Seeing that he looks so much like Katie and Jack makes me really excited to see what he will look like when he is born.  Will he be bigger than Jack?  Smaller?  Still look a lot like him?  We will find out soon!
Also, Katie has really gotten into telling people about me having a baby in my belly (as if they couldn't tell) and that it will be another brother.  I love that she is so proud.  I know she will be such a good helper!  Jack has also been more snuggly lately - I don't know if he senses things are a-changing or what, but I love some good snuggles!  And I had the best baby shower this past weekend (of course a post is coming on that)...it was so nice and is just a reminder how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing family and friends.  And my kids are lucky to be loved by so many as well.
Here I am at 32 weeks with each kiddo!  I definitely think my belly is smaller this time.  And maybe carrying higher?  It's hard to tell!
And here is the progression with BC3...I've definitely grown!  I guess that's a good thing since there is a wild man growing in there!
I can't wait to finish the nursery - it should turn out pretty cute :)  I'm hoping we are pretty close to finished after next weekend!  Pictures to come!


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