Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

What a fantastic Mother's Day I had!  It started with a certain 5 year old cutie pie leaning over my side of the bed whispering, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!" I'd say that is a super way to start the day!  Brad offered to make French toast for me, or that we could go to IHOP.  Heh.  No brainer there!  So we all got ready and headed to brunch!  Here I am with the kiddos before we headed out!  Just ignore the piles of stuff in the background.  One of these days I will be more organized and not have stuff piled up!
 After eating, I thought it would be fun to go to one of the playgrounds in our neighborhood.  It was so fun!  Here is Miss Priss...
 Jack loves trying to do everything that Katie does.  I love that they play so well together!  Here they are racing the cars around.
 And I wonder where Jack gets that cheesey grin from?? HA!  Cute boys :)
 Doesn't Jack look so old here?!  Unacceptable.  But oh so sweet.
 And I needed another one with these two.  Jack was over it and thirsty so this was the best we could do!
 After a little more playing, we decided to head home.  Love these three!
 We all relaxed and watched the second half of Cars together - I am happy to report that Jack can sit still and watch something! HA!  That will certainly come in handy once Ryan arrives!  We then ate a snacky lunch and it was time for Jack to nap.  While Brad was getting him down, Katie got into a cleaning mode - she cleaned the table and chairs ... even getting under the chairs and getting all the dog hair off the bottom!  She put all the toys up in their places and organized Sadie's toys as well.  I love it!
 Katie had another birthday party to go to and then it was time to eat dinner with Brad's mom and my mom and brother! It was delicious and so fun!  Jack was insane - he must have had the best nap ever because he woke up full of zip ... he ran in circles and all over the house and then was just a nut at dinner!  When we left, he and I looked out at the interstate and counted how many trucks we spotted.
 And then we all headed back to our house to play outside for a while!  The kids had a great time running around and doing chalk and being silly.  Here are Brad and Jack looking at the airplanes in the sky!
Both kids must have had a great day because they let me sleep in until 8:50 this morning!  I feel like a new woman for sure!  Jack slept in and Katie was playing in her princess tent when I woke up.  Amazing start to a Monday! 
Hope you all had a great weekend!


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