Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kindergarten Here We Come!

So back at the end of March, we had a big day - registration for kindergarten!  It was mainly a timeframe where I filled out loads of paperwork, but Katie thought it was neat to go inside the school! 
We made sure that we went with Hannah Jo - both girls had gymnastics earlier in the day, so they were looking sporty!  While we were there, we also saw a few other folks we knew.  I think that made Katie that much more excited!
And then the week before her birthday, we headed to the Sneak A Peek event!  Here she is before heading out!
I love this picture.  There is something about this angle that gets me every time.  I think part of it may be the fact that her eyes are just so blue and you can really see this when she is looking up!
So we got there and they had everyone go into the cafeteria.  After a brief introduction, the kiddos got to separate into groups and go to a kindergarten classroom to see what it was like.  They colored, used scissors, read a book, and got to explore!  Katie was super excited to be in the same group with HJ!  And while the kids were off exploring the classrooms, the parents sat through a presentation going over information about what to expect, what the schedule looks like, etc.  Once we were all finished, the kids rode a school bus from the back of the school around to the front!  That was clearly Katie's favorite part!  This was right after they got back!
She was so excited about the Sneak A Peek and all of that - so I clearly didn't expect any issues.  Well she told me when she got back that she got sad a couple of times.  In a span of like 30-45 minutes.  I could tell when she was starting to tell me that it looked like she was tearing up, so we went to sit in a corner so she could talk to me about it.  She just put her arms around me and cried for a minute and said she missed me and that's why she was sad.  Gah!  Makes me tear up to even type it - controlling myself right then and there with normal my-child-is-going-to-kindergarten emotions mixed with pregnant momma hormones...whew!  That was a toughy! But I did and reminded her that I was there the whole time and we talked about all of the exciting things and fun things - and then she was fine.  I know it is going to be a big transition and take some getting used to (especially with the long days at school for her and me getting used to her riding the school bus), but she will absolutely love it and thrive!  I can't believe in a few short months my sweet little lady will be in elementary school - wow!
And a Happy Mother's Day!  It has been a super day for sure.  More to come on what all we were up to! :)


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  1. I just almost teared up reading this and the fact that Katie got sad and missed you. Break my heart. :( Kindergarten will be so fun, Katie!