Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

What a fun weekend!  Friday started with an easy morning and then Grandma coming to watch the kids and I headed to my mom's house!  I took some picture of my brother for something - this is my favorite one!
And then I took my mom to have some type of vein procedure done.  Good thing I was comfy - we were there for over 3 hours!  Before we left, she took a picture of me and the belly.  Those pants (that Katie informed me look like pajamas) have a yoga type waist band and are SO comfy - and I happened to have a shirt that matches!  I had never seen pants for mommas by Flit & Flitter, but when I went to their friends and family sale a couple weeks ago, I tried them on and they are perfect for pregnancy and post C-section comfort! 
 Saturday we had a lazy morning - we went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast as a family and then ran to Target and Lowe's - big day :) Then we relaxed at home, ate lunch, and Brad and I worked in the nursery!  It is about 95% finished which couldn't make me happier!  Not to worry - pictures and a post on that coming soon.  After Jack got up, we headed to dinner and then played outside at home!
This morning, we relaxed and actually watched the church service on the ipad  - I haven't been sleeping good due to the fact that when I go to lay down at night I can't breathe all the way because of how Mr. Ryan is positioned!  Then we got ready and headed out on a walk and to play on a playground in the neighborhood!  It felt so great to move around and the weather was amazing!  Here is Miss Priss :)
 She loves to hold Sadie's leash now - which works great as long as Sadie is behaving herself!  On the way home, Sadie started running to keep up with Brad and it made Katie take a spill on the sidewalk.  She has quite the strawberry on her left knee but is aokay! 
 And here is this cutie - of course he has a toy in hand!  Love his outfit - except the shorts almost came down to his ankles!
After we made it home, we ate lunch and Katie rested for a few minutes before we headed out for an afternoon of parties!  First we headed to a friend's graduation party - they had a photo booth set up and Katie LOVED it!  I let her pick out the props :)  It was great to visit with our old neighbors - and I can hardly believe that Molly is old enough to head to college this fall.  So excited for her though!
From there, I took Katie to another birthday party!  It was at one of her favorite party places and she said she didn't want it to end!  It is right next to TJ Maxx - and I am happy to report that I walked through and did not spend a penny!  Here are these crazy girls at the end of the party! 
Brad made breakfast for dinner tonight - delicious!  And then we played out back until it was bathtime and bedtime!  I call that a successful weekend!
And now I'm sitting here watching the Billboard Awards and Luke Bryan is performing...."trying to pour a little sugar in her Dixie cup" - love those lyrics!  And hoping he makes it back in town so I can see him drop off or pick his kids up from school on Tuesday :)  It's the little things, right? 
Hope you had a super weekend!  I have to say it was nice to not have soccer.  But we even got to see Katie's coach at Target yesterday!



  1. Your brother is a handsome fella!
    I LOVE your outfit. Definitely perfect for pregnancy but I must admit I have pants similar to those and I pretty much live in them. They are SO comfortable!!

    Sounds like you all had a nice weekend! Hope next week is just as good to ya :)