Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoo Time + End of Year Fun with Friends

Last week, once school was out, we had a couple of days we were able to get out and have some fun! The day after school let out, we didn't have any plans, so I thought it'd be fun to take the kiddos to the zoo!  It was a hot one - and I am rather large - so we lasted about 2 or 2.5 hours...not too shabby!  The kids were hungry at that point, so we went to my mom's house and visited and had lunch!
Here we are right after walking into the zoo!  We weren't too hot and sweaty yet!
They were so excited!  And of course Jack had a bulldozer he had to take in with him.
One of the kangaroos was close enough to the sidewalk to actually be able to pet it!  I think the kangaroos may be my favorite part of the zoo now!
We saw more than this, but I didn't take pictures at each stop (impressive, right?) - the next time I had my camera handy was in the petting area!  And boy am I glad I did!  I think it was Jack's first time to really get down and run around in there - and he loved it!  My favorite was when he found a little goat sitting in the corner of a pallet and he climbed the stairs and sat all snuggled up next to the goat (like he does to Sadie).  Isn't this picture adorable?!
And he leaned in for a hug.  Thank goodness the goat was patient - he didn't even budge!
Katie showed Jack where all the brushes are kept and then how to brush the goats.  Jack was a natural, of course :)
I think Katie could stay in this part for hours.  She loves it!
After we finished playing with goats, we rested on a bench (mainly for me) for a few minutes - and then we headed to the carousel!  That is Katie's favorite part and she was SO excited!
Jack was excited too!  It was his first time on the carousel - and he didn't want to get off!
An attempt of a selfie - not too shabby!  We were hot and sweaty by now...and it was super sunny.
Katie wanted to take a picture, so I let her take one of me and Jack.  Aye aye aye - look at that belly!
We went to see the elephants and the giraffes - and then it was time to head to Cee Cee's house!  Such a fun day!
Thursday, we met some of Jack's buddies at a local park for an end of school year get together!  Another day out in the sun getting fresh air - perfection!  Katie loved picking flowers - and Jack actually joined her and picked some too!
And here is a cute picture of Jack and one of his best buds, Carter!  Such cuties!  Carter told his sweet momma that Jack was his best friend - love it!
And a quick one of my little guy!  He isn't so little anymore - and I know once Ryan is born he will seem like a giant! It should definitely be interesting to see him in big brother role :)
Between the buses parked nearby, the playground, and wanting to explore, this was the best I could get of both the crazies together!
And an attempt of a picture of the two of us - Jack was distracted by the school buses in the parking lot!
And here is 5 of the 9 kiddos in his class this past year!  It was so fun to get together and visit with the mommas and watch all the kids interact!
And I asked one of the mommas to take a picture of me and the kiddos - this was the first outtake!  So funny - love it!
And a better one - I am one blessed lady!
It is so great to have these chances to spend some quality time with these two before our worlds are rocked :)


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  1. Cute pictures! Love the ones of him hugging the goat. So sweet! Glad you had a nice day!