Thursday, May 22, 2014

Katie's First Soccer Season

 What a fun first soccer season Katie had (or at least I think she had fun)!  I definitely think it helped having two of her best buddies on the same team!  And I could tell that she definitely developed some skills from her first game to the last.  Her coach was amazing and all the other girls on her team (and their parents) were fun too!
Here she is before her first game!
She even had her name on her jersey :)
I took quite a few pictures at her first game (imagine that) and got some good action shots!  At this point they were learning that they were on the same team! 
 And this one is pretty distant, but you can see Katie's blonde ponytail swinging around!  She made contact with the ball!  Always a plus :)
 At the end of her first game, the coach had each girl stand up and said something he was proud of them for and then got each parent/family member to say something as well!  Such a good idea!
 Katie's cheering section for her first game!  She definitely should have felt special :)
 And with her coach after the first game!
And I didn't really take anymore pictures until her last game!  I got some better pictures - and she did a great job!  Each week was a learning experience - and you could definitely tell when she was tired or distracted! 
 Goodness she looks so grown up!
 Another great action shot!  I think these were during the warm up!
 And this one.  Whew!  He wanted to get out there and play so badly!  At least once per game, he would race out onto the field and try to get in the mix with the girls!  Oh dear.
 Katie and her friend Annalane before their last soccer game!
 Jack loves kicking the ball around!  Future soccer player, perhaps?
 And I absolutely love this :) Katie actually got in the middle of it and mixed it up!  I do not condone pushing and shoving and playing ugly, but I certainly was glad to see her use her size to her advantage :) 
 Katie and Hannah Jo after the last game!  It was a warm one!
 Katie with Annalane and Hannah Jo!  Such sweet friends!
 And then it was time for the end of the season party!  We had pizza and cupcakes and then trophy and certificate time!  The coach had each girl come sit by him with the trophy she had picked out, and he talked about each player individually.  In fact, on their certificates (which said Certificate of Awesomeness), he had listed three words that came to mind for each girl.  For Katie, his three words were Genuine, Hopeful, and Deep.  I held it together during his description of her - but good gracious I was one proud momma.  It definitely made me feel like we are doing something right because those are some strong words!
 And one more picture with the coach...
I have to say I was pretty happy the season was over when it was - before it gets unbearably hot since I am growing every day it seems...and chasing Jack is hard work!  I can't wait for soccer to start in the fall though - I think Katie will be excited about it too!  Hoping we get lucky enough to keep the same team and coach - such a blessing!


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