Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Final Celebration: Nanny + Papa

Katie actually started celebrating her birthday about five days before the real day.  That means she celebrated for 8 days!  Thatta girl - I love drawing out my celebrations too :)  Nanny and Papa came into town  mainly because Katie kept asking if they would come watch her play soccer.  It just so happened that the weekend they planned to come was between Nanny's and Katie's birthdays!  So we went to dinner with them one night - and they surprised Katie with an adventure for her birthday!
I kept delaying the inevitable trip to Build A Bear - but she finally had her first visit!  She picked out possibly the largest My Little Pony - and it has a cape and shoes and roller skates and all that.  She loves it! 

 They came to watch Katie play soccer and she was so excited!  Her coach now understands where I get my yelling from :) Although my dad didn't have to yell too much...I did enough.  Any my yelling isn't harsh...not to worry.  I just really get into it!  I guess playing soccer for so many years does that.  After her game, they came over to stay with Jack so that he could nap and we didn't have to chase him all over creation at Katie's birthday party.  Boy am I glad they were willing to do that - Jack would have been a wild man!
And we got together one more time before they headed back to Arizona - it was definitely a quick trip!  Katie asked if she could put some lipstick on - HA!  Good thing she has plenty of time to practice before she really starts wearing makeup!
And a picture of all of us.  So glad everyone was somewhat willing to cooperate :)
It was such a nice dinner - it was one of the first times that Jack ate what we put in front of him and didn't act like a wild man.  I will be glad when all of his canine teeth cut through - one cut through a couple days ago, one will likely cut through any day now, and the other two are getting really close too.  He means business with teething.  It isn't fun, but at least he gets it over with slightly faster.
I think that wraps up Katie's celebrations!  I can hardly believe I have a five year old.  I keep catching myself almost say four still when people ask how old my kids are.  Whew.  Before too long, it will be me having a five year old, two year old, and newborn.  Yikes!


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  1. That Katie definitely takes birthday celebrating seriously! I don't blame her. She better soak it up while she's young and people are still willing to do it!