Thursday, May 15, 2014

April Recap

And here we go on yet another catch-up post!  I am slowly but surely getting there!  Thankfully, a lot of April has already been posted - our beach trip, Easter, Katie's birthday...whew!  But there were some pictures that were too good to pass up, so they're all here!
One Wednesday when Sissy was at school, Jack and I met up with several other cuties from his class at the park.  It was so fun!  Jack loves to hug his friends - isn't this precious?!
I think this must be his model pose - HA!  Strike a pose :)
He loved using the balance beam as a road for his car!  Such a fun little guy!
And here is the crew.  Not too shabby for 5 one and two year olds!
Boy do I love this little guy!  And that outfit on is so soft and adorable!
And then there was a Saturday that Katie had soccer and it was freezing, so I took her to that and Brad stayed home with Jack.  When we got home, they both played together so nicely!
There was also one day that we took a walk in the neighborhood - I barely made it :)  We did stop at the playground to let the kids play and they had a great time!  Just look at that wild boy!
And Katie had a great time playing too!  She did a really good job on the walk - she walked about 95% of the way and even held Sadie's leash!  Brad got the ultimate workout that other 5% of the time - he had Katie on his shoulders and was pushing the stroller with Jack in it while going up the gigantic hill!
They also climbed to the top of that big rock near the playground!  They're all smiling and looking!  Definitely a good picture :)
Later that day, Katie had another birthday party to go to!  It was Frozen themed and the girls were encouraged to dress up!  Here she is with Hannah Jo before we went!
She and Annalane wore the same dress! So cute!
And the girls could not get enough of Elsa and Anna!
They also made tiaras and got their hair and makeup done!  Every girl's' dream!
And I even convinced Katie to say cheese with me - I can't believe that I managed that when Elsa and Anna were there!
And a group picture!  Such sweet girls (and I loved visiting with all my momma friends)!
Katie even got a picture with Elsa and Anna!  She was starstruck to say the least!
At the end of the party, they all sang and danced to "Let It Go" - this is one of my favorites!  Annalane sure was getting into the song! HA!
And here is Katie on a gymnastics and soccer practice day!
And a sweet picture before heading to school one morning!  Man that outfit looks comfy!
And a cute picture of the two kiddos when we went to see all the tulips at Cheekwood!
Another picture before heading to school one morning :)
While Sissy was at school that day, Jack and I went to my mom's house!  He learned how to do Easter egg hunts and had a blast!  Here he is finding an egg :)
We also played outside for a while - he loved walking back and forth on those stepping stones!
Love that sweet boy!
He has been carrying this plane around with him everywhere lately - so funny!  He always has a toy with him...every once in a while he will have a train or car, but lately this plane has been the favorite!  And it is a toy we found at the park one day!
Katie and Hannah Jo had another party to go!  Those girls are party animals for sure! :)
Love this sweet girl :)  This was before school one morning.
And look at that outfit!  Glad I put that top on her when I did - I think it is too snug!  But I love that the stripes on the back match her pants!
While Katie was at school, Jack and I ran some errands!  I let him run around and play for a little while too - and of course I had my camera in tow :)
See? He has a toy!  I think Thomas must have been the favorite that morning!
And here's Katie before we headed into her 5 year appointment at the pediatrician's office!  So grown up looking!
She was 46.5 inches tall and 55 pounds - all they wrote was that she was >97th percentile for both!
And here she is waiting to see the doc!  Love that cute gown - I still can't believe she is old enough to wear a gown for her checkup :)
April was definitely a fun month.  And boy oh boy is time flying by!  Five weeks from today is when Ryan will be born - yikes!  That's going to make time fly by even more quickly! 


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