Friday, February 24, 2012


Gosh I am so glad it is FRIIIIIDAY!  And better yet, it is the end of Brad's busy season at work!  I need to find a way to create a tgfteobs or tgbio (that translates to thank goodness for the end of busy season or thank goodness busy season is over)!! He has been working at least 50 hour weeks since September - and more like 60-65 hour weeks the last few weeks.  To say I've had enough of it is an understatement.  I know he gets way tired of the long hours, but this pregnant momma is WAY over it.  Especially since Katie isn't napping!  I'm so glad I won't have to hear the tapping of the keyboard as I fall asleep (if he is working in our room), or go to sleep by myself every night (if he is working downstairs).  Katie also really misses her Daddy - the other night she told Brad she wanted Mommy AND Daddy to be home together with her.  She can most definitely tell that even if he is home, work is on his mind, or he is working.  No fun.  

I do realize that Brad is blessed to have a wonderful job - and we are most definitely more than thankful for that.  But those long hours definitely take a toll on a family week after week.  And we are happy to have him back! :)  Now, let the long-weekend-beach-vacation-as-a-family-of-three trip planning begin! 

I think Brad is taking the day off today since he has worked so much already this week - that couldn't make this momma and this sweet girl happier!  Yay for family time!  Even if we stay in our jammies all day!

I think we may try to go to the zoo this weekend.  And Katie and Stella (our neighbor that is 7 months younger than Katie) have a matching outfit that we both ordered from Little Honeybees, so I think while the outfits still fit them, we are going to go to the park in the morning and let me try to get some good pics of them together in the matching sets!  Should be an adventure!

Looking forward to an amazing, not-much-planned weekend - because we will be together!


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