Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Girls

This weekend, one of the things I wanted to accomplish was ordering all of the pictures in order to update Katie's baby book!  I have done a fairly good job of updating the info part, but not as good with the pictures (which is surprising, considering the fact that I take a bajillion pictures)!  I take the pictures but then I forget to get them printed!  Anyways, I came across some cute ones of Katie and Sadie together and thought I'd share!

The day we came home from the hospital...Sadie was giving her the sniff test!
 Playing with their favorite toys together!
 Riding Sadie like a horse!
 Sadie giving her a great big slobbery kiss!  The next picture was Katie petting Sadie's nose.  So cute.
 I didn't look at many between the stages, so this was the next one - last fall before Katie was headed to MDO for her Thanksgiving celebration!
 A few days ago watching Finding Nemo together!


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