Monday, February 27, 2012

Matchy-Matchy Photoshoot!

When I hosted the Little Honeybees trunk show late last summer, my neighbor and I both ordered the same outfit for our little ladies.  We knew right away that a photo shoot would happen at some point, and it finally did this past weekend!  It was sunny, but pretty windy, which  made it a little chilly, so we decided no to the park idea and opted to do it at their house.  It is a good thing I emptied my memory card before going over there - I took a bunch!  Here are some of the keepers from my camera - such cute, sweet girls!

 And they looked a little wind-blown once we got inside for a few pictures, but they still turned out cute!

So that I didn't have to post them all separate, I decided to just make a little collage of some of them of just Katie - pretty darn cute!
Jill had some great ones on her camera too, and I wanted to post a couple of the ones she sent me too!  I think the one of them looking at the cameras is precious, but I think that second one is just adorable - something must have been really funny!  Maybe that was when I hid in the bushes and jumped out to try to make them smile!  Good thing no one was taking pictures of the mommas trying to get them to smile! HA!


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