Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Current Katie-isms

  • She calls the doorbell a "ringbell".
  • "Chicken Away" = Chick Fil A
  • One day she pooped in the potty, turned around to look at it (as usual), and told me it looks like my ice cream...um, YUCK!
  • I was getting ready the other day and put a pink Auburn tshirt on.  She told me to go get a pretty shirt.
  • Whenever I have put my makeup on, she tells me I look "pitty" (pretty).
  • Last Thursday, she woke up saying she wanted to go to Target.  She is DEFINITELY my child!
  • Lately, she has been saying she wants to go somewhere.  She doesn't usually have anywhere specific in mind (except the Target request), just somewhere!
  • I have been working with Katie on lowercase letters lately - we were looking at the card that has the big "L" and little "l" and she proclaimed the little "l" looks like an "I" and the "L" looks like a sidewalk.
  • Katie is starting to have an opinion about the clothes she wears; however, she has an intense opinion about what panties she wears!  Lately she has been only wanting her Yo Gabba Gabba panties, so I have to explain that she can wear them once they are clean again.  I then give her a choice of what is in her drawers (Dora, Elmo, Hello Kitty, or Minnie Mouse)!


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  1. Haha about wanting to go to Target! CJ frequently asks to go to the mall or to Hobby Lobby!