Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy, Happy Wednesday, y'all!!  Here's what I am loving today (other than the spring-like temperatures)!
 I'm LOVING this tutu wreath! It looks so simple and can be made in any color combination for any party theme...think I'll add this to my list for Katie's 3rd birthday party!
I'm LOVING the fact that I have friends that I have known for years and years.  I got this gem of a picture in my email a week or two ago from one of my best friends for years - like we've known eachother since kindergarten!  This was one, maybe 7th grade? I have no idea.
This was us last fall at her Halloween party at her house!
I'm LOVING Cheetos. And I can thank Katie for this...she very politely asked me to buy them at the store.  I had some with a sandwich for lunch the other day - and I was hooked.  Gosh those things are yummy and cheesy fingers and all!
I'm LOVING sparkling water - it makes me feel like I am drinking something fun!  And it is water, so I don't feel bad!  Yum.  It also doesn't hurt that it reminds me of being in Europe. I love the fizziness - and I crave it now!
I'm LOVING my new camera strap!  I especially love that it is brown minky fabric - so soft, and it will hide dirt! I won it on an auction that raises money for this family's adoption.  Want to read more about it, follow their journey, or donate to help them reach their goal?  Go {HERE}!
 I'm LOVING Girl Scout cookies!  Just last week, someone posted about Tagalongs - then enter the craving.  Luckily (or not so luckily, depending on how you look at it), someone had told me that there is a girl scout cookie app where you can find out where local troops are stationed selling boxes!  So, I made a stop for these two boxes, and my craving was satisfied. (yes, I do love Thin Mints, but I amazingly still had a few left in the freezer from last year) Now, I need to delete the app! :)
 I'm LOVING this piece of art hanging in Katie's bathroom by her sink! Isn't it awesome?!  I love the bright colors for sure! I got it on an auction on her FB page found here.
I'm LOVING selling some of Katie's used (or not used - as in, hung in the closet) clothes on Facebook!  I just created an album and BOOM! They are selling! I am keeping a lot of things JUST IN CASE we have more pink in our house a long way down the road, but it is nice to sell things that I am okay parting with!

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  1. Omg, that has got to be the greatest app ever made. lol Yum!

  2. Love that tutu wreath! I just made a tutu for Chloe Jo to wear for her birthday party last night so I know I have enough tulle to make a wreath!