Saturday, February 25, 2012

Party Inspiration

Holy moly.  I've found it.  Exactly what I was looking for.  Katie has made it very clear that she wants a Mickey party.  Not Mickey and Minnie.  Not Disney.  Just Mickey.  I have been finding ideas on Pinterest (naturally).  And then I found it.  On Facebook.  The folks over at Oopsey Daisy had a birthday party for their little boy - and it is everything I was hoping to do for Katie's party!  Wanna see her blog post about it?  If so, jump over {here}!  I love the subway art, the games, the big Mickey polka dot backdrop, the goody! PERFECTION!  I even commented on it asking if I could just buy the things from her :) ha!  Or if I could pay her to email me the printable templates.  Oh my - I hope I can create a party as cute as that one! Let the planning and creating begin!  

Here are some of the pics and inspiration that were my favorite...


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