Sunday, February 12, 2012

Check It Off The List

We had gone a couple of times to look at baby furniture so we would have a good idea of what we wanted.  We had it narrowed down to 2 different styles by the same company (the same company that manufactured Katie's set, actually!), and it depended on the gender as to which we went with.  One of them was pretty girly, so we obviously didn't want to do that if baby is a boy!  So, once we found out baby is indeed a boy, we went with the one we were initially most excited about.  This is what the crib will look like.  And we also got a 6-drawer dresser and hutch.  I was a little disappointed that the company doesn't do bookcases anymore - I love that Katie has a bookcase as part of her furniture.  But I think we can find a smaller one that matches the room or something like that.  We will see!  The furniture is on backorder and they are hoping it will be ready to deliver in April.  I sure hope they are right!  I love organizing the nursery and all of that, and I'd much prefer doing that sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, we can pick bedding and paint the room and go through all the clothes from Katie and pull out the things that work for boys too.  Oh, and we need to install extra storage shelves in the garage to store all the girl clothes :)
I am excited to mark the furniture off the to do list! I have found some bedding sets I really like - we will see if Brad agrees :)


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