Monday, February 13, 2012

Post-Church Photo Shoot

I thought Katie looked so cute (of course I did - she was wearing dots on her dress AND shoes!!) and wanted to take some pics before church.  The next three pictures pretty much summed up the quick photo shoot...

...she clearly wanted none of it.  This third one is decent - she wanted to move her chair and sit in it for the pics...with all of her toys and mess behind her!  She kept saying take pictures later mommy, so that I did!  When we got home from church, I chased her around with my nicer camera to see if I could get some better pics.  I think I got a couple cute ones!  Here are a few of the ones I got after church!
 Waiting on lunch - specifically, the cheetos
I think I am in love with this pic - all it needs is some work to take out the junk counter behind her :) 
Smelling one of my tulips from Brad...such a sweet, innocent picture!

I'm glad she cooperated just a little bit.  Not that I need more pictures of her - I just love taking them...especially when she is dressed extra cute!  Since I had my nice camera out, I also took a better pic of the tulips Brad gave me - just look at that color! I just love them!
Have a great Monday!  Katie walked into our room (after sleeping 13 hours, thankyouverymuch...and I slept 11 hours!!) with bubbles wanting to go outside to play with them.  I think I'll pass considering it is like 20 degrees this morning.  Think we may be blowing bubbles in the garage today! 


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