Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bump Watch: 20 Weeks

How far along: 20 weeks
Size of baby: A banana is what the email this morning said!  It also said about 10 inches in length - that is one big banana!
Total weight gained: I haven't gotten on my scales at home recently, but as far as I can tell, I am still in the negative (yay!) my last appointment (17 weeks), I had gained 2 pounds, but I was still down 1 pound with their scales...I have a feeling I am close to breaking even, and I am a-okay with that considering I am halfway there!
Maternity clothes: Most definitely.  And I need some new maternity jeans - my others were so worn out that I threw them away.  I went back to the store and bought the same exact size - and they squeeze the life out of me!  I think they are made out of different fabrics now, so they don't have quite as much stretch - so, time to shop!
Gender: I find out THURSDAY! What do you think? Pink or blue?  I can't wait!
Movement: Yes!  And I love it!  I feel the baby most at night when I am laying down, but there are plenty of times where there are movements throughout the day.  And I can tell that the baby is growing because the movements are getting stronger and stronger by the day!  Brad was able to feel the baby from the outside about 2 weeks ago - so neat!
What I Miss: A glass of wine after a long day, sleeping on my stomach, sleeping the whole night, being able to go right back to sleep after waking up (although, like last night, I was awake enjoying feeling this sweet baby jump around), a painfree back, etc.... but I am enjoying every day of this pregnancy!
Cravings: I feel rather European with my Nutella sandwiches and Perrier for a meal.  I also have been really wanting the guacamole from a local restaurant.  I did get some last weekend, and I plan to go back on Monday when it is half-price!  It is made tableside and SO yummy!
Aversions: Nothing really.  Sometimes if Brad makes breakfast, the smell of the scrambled egg beaters and bacon cooking makes me want to hurl.  I can't think of much though!
Symptoms: Huge boobs (sorry - it is true), sore back, SO tired (especially in the afternoon), headaches, getting starving (as in, feeling like I need a second dinner at bedtime), growing belly
Best moment of the week: Katie has been asking a lot about the baby in my belly.  She thinks the baby is just inside my belly button.  And she loves to get lotion and rub it on my belly and the baby.  So sweet!  I also love that Brad was able to feel the baby wiggle around.

 I also wanted to discuss the fact that Brad took literally sixteen belly pics for me because I didn't like them - my shirt was wrinkled, I looked washed out, there was a glare on the sticker, the jeans made my belly look strange (see how in the first and second one, it kinda cuts into my belly?)...ugh!  So here are a few of the outtakes.  I did end up using a non-sticker picture as the big one, but if I had to pick one with the sticker, it'd be the last one in this collage.  I didn't like it because my shirt was wrinkled.  Oh dear.  What am I going to do with myself.