Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Two-Days-Til-The-Weekend!! Hooray!!  Here is what I'm loving today...
 I'm LOVING this brushing teeth chart to put in a little girl's bathroom (from She's Kinda Crafty)!  You frame it and you can use a dry erase marker on each square when it is complete.  I think I may need to make something like this that is like a start chart for Katie.  Any ideas on if these may exist elsewhere??
 I'm LOVING Katie's Mommy & Me Music Class! We go on Wednesday mornings and it is at our church.  Katie absolutely loves it - this is our third "session" of it and she looks forward to it every week!  Here she is before class started last week - we were early so she got to play with some of the things by herself!
 I'm LOVING this sweet face - especially when she's dressed extra cute for church on Sunday mornings!  She wanted her picture taken against the same wall where I do my belly shots - she wants to be just like her momma...HA! Yeah right!
 I'm LOVING these crayon hearts Katie and I made for her classmates at Mother's Day Out!  A tutorial to come on these soon, so stay tuned!
 I'm LOVING that Katie will actually cooperate for pictures...and with me!  Even though she isn't doing it in this one, she likes for me to hold her and do a "cheeky picture" - where we are cheek to cheek.  I have to admit that I love it too.
I'm LOVING this idea from Pinterest - could be a fun little something for Katie to do for her friends for Easter!  What kid doesn't love Cheetos, right?!
 I'm LOVING this Easter craft idea - Katie and I will definitely do this sometime as Easter approaches. (can you tell that I've been a little Pinterest-obsessed?  And there are the cutest Easter ideas on there too!)
 I'm LOVING this craft idea to do with kids - easy and cheap, right?!  A pencil eraser and ink pad.  Fun!
What are YOU loving today?!  Link up {here}!



  1. I just adore the crayon idea for valentines. I am sure the other parents were thankful you didn’t give them any more sweets!

  2. I am Pinterest obsessed as well ha! I love that cheeto/carrot idea, very cute:-)