Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Sunday

Sunday morning I woke up to a lot of banging noises over the monitor.  This isn't terribly unusual - she usually gets up, goes pee on her little potty, and then proceeds to dump the pee into the big potty and flushes it.  And then she comes into our bed and wants to watch a show or two.  

It was 7:00 - I told Brad he may want to go check on Katie and seconds later he came back in and said she had thrown up and he needed help.  Let me just say that no one should have to start the day dealing with throw up.  And poor girl - she was trying to clean up her mess all by herself.  When Brad walked in, she had a towel and was trying to wipe off the floormat.  It made me so sad when he told me that - I definitely teared up (I can blame that on the hormones, right?!)!  So we stripped her bed, gave her a bath, took all the towels, sheets, blankets, lovies, comforter, etc and did loads and loads of laundry.  And she was so puny all day.  I think she threw up three times - once in her bed, once in the bathroom, and once in the designated "barf bowl" while on the couch with Brad.  (I am carrying on the barf bowl tradition - that is what my mom did when I was little)  She did fine most of the day - by bedtime she was hot and way too snuggly.  The only thing she ate all day was a banana and 2 little white donuts.  She woke up yesterday morning doing fine and acting like herself!  She just had a runny nose in the afternoon!

I took just a few pics of our day Sunday (nothing gross, don't worry).
We hung out on the couch just about all day.  She liked using the barf bowl as a drum most of the day!
Feeling well enough to make her "Donald Duck face" - not sure why she thinks this is a Donald face!
A true sign she wasn't feeling well - she fell asleep on the couch for about an hour!
And she missed out on the little snowfall! It was so pretty falling from the sky - and the roads were fine!  Just perfect :)

I'm so glad she is past the throw ups!  And I did lots of sanitizing and hand washing - here's to hoping I don't get it! Yuck!


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  1. I laughed so hard at her Donald Duck face! So hilarious!

    I'm glad she is feeling better!