Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day '12

I apologize in advance for the excessive amount of pictures in this post.  I just love pink and hearts and all of that, so I may have gotten slightly carried away :)  Here was Katie's cute outfit - and she got to wear it to mother's day out for her little party! I can't wait until she's old enough to have real Valentine's Day parties that I can volunteer for!  She wanted her picture on the same wall where I do my belly shots - so funny.  And I just love that outfit - and I love that it isn't so specific to Valentines that she can really wear it through the spring!
 I love this picture!  The pretty flowers from Brad, Katie's present from us, and her things for her class in the background!
 Here is a closer up of her valentines for her class - little boxes with Hello Kitty cards and 2 little heart shaped crayons we made!
  Brad and I got to go on a Valentines lunchdate while Katie was at school - this was after we ate at Genghis Grille...yum!
 After I picked Katie up, we ran some errands - including going by Cee Cee's house!  Cee Cee had some goodies for her, and she loved opening them!
 Opening her little cute paper purse - and of course putting everything back in so she could carry it around!
 Meme had left our goodies at my mom's house - she got Katie her own little heart shaped box of M&Ms! Katie loved them!
 We ate dinner at our neighbors' house (first time back with the meal sharing after all of us had been sick) and Katie wanted to make Stella a valentine. I love how she is all layed out on the floor!
 After dinner and letting the girls play for a bit, we came home to exchange gifts! I got a gift card for a massage, chocolate, and a gift card to amazon (since I have a Kindle Fire - and like to shop)!  And of course I loved my sweet card.  He knows me very well! :) Brad got a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods to put towards some new golf clubs, an iTunes gift card (he has an iPad), and the book Brad Paisley wrote!
 We also helped Katie open her bag of goodies.  Brad is reading her card to her here - I love her watching him read it!
 She was in amazement of all of her goodies and loved it all!  She kept ooh-ing and ahh-ing and wow-ing over it all!  I love seeing her face light up :)
 She especially loved her Minnie Mouse & Micky Mouse coloring book!
 Here she is looking through the coloring book after finding her blank paper for stamps and coloring, Olivia book, and the cute owl I had made for her - it has her name and a pocket on the back!  Just perfect!
 Here she is checking out the  pocket - she is big into pockets as of lately, so she loved that part the most!
 She got a card in the mail from Meme - she loved opening it up!
 And last but not least, a picture with momma and the owl - I sure love that sweet girl!


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