Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Welcome back!  And hooray for Wednesday!  That means it is time for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm LOVING that Katie likes to have tea parties!  Last night she made alphabet soup (all of her ABC pieces to her puzzle in a measuring cup) and put a letter on a plate for all of us - even Sadie!  So sweet :)

I'm LOVING Cadbury Mini-Eggs.  I know Valentine's Day has not happened yet, but the Easter candy is already out - and man is it good!!  And I may have eaten half a bag of these last night.  Just sayin'.
I'm LOVING that Katie loves to sweep!  Right this second, she is using the dry swiffer and sweeping the floor - that works great since we have a golden retriever that sheds like none other!

I'm LOVING the weather!  It has been in the mid-sixties here this week...and that means LOTS of outside time!  Not only do we love fresh air, it means Katie sleeps like a champ!  Actually, yesterday, after I picked Katie up from MDO, we went with 4 of her friends from school and played at the park...SO fun!  It was so neat to see the kids interacting and to really get to visit with the mommas!  While taking a walk at this park, we also came across nine deer. never gets old!
I'm LOVING this idea I found on Pinterest - a book organizer for the car...absolutely AMAZING! 
 I'm LOVING these ideas for taking pictures! I especially love the ideas specific to a picture a day for the month of February!  I think I may have to try it! Anyone else wanna try??

 I'm LOVING this pillow!!!  Right now, I sleep with 2 pillows, 2 body pillows, and a blanket...I think this one would make much more sense! :)
 I'm LOVING this idea of matching uppercase and lowercase letters - I've been trying to work with Katie on lowercase letters, and I think this would be a great game to make!
What are YOU loving today? Link up {here}!



  1. I love the car organizer! I'm so going to have to put that in the "I need to do" category!

  2. The car organizer is so cute!! You could sew that, I bet! The February photo challenge sounds fun! Also - emailing you today... be on the look out!

  3. Stopping in from WILW. That. is one intense pillow!

    Also, I think I'll be doing the Feb photo challenge. It might be difficult for me since no technology/photos are allowed at my work for security reasons (I'll have to take a fieldtrip for the 10am one!) but I'm going to try :)