Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Letter To My Sugar Bear

Dear Katie,

Oh what a fun age you are right now.  You are full of zest and spunk and sass and your imagination runs a mile a minute.  In fact, last night, you and daddy were pretending to camp in your princess tent.  Your carrot pillow toy was the campfire and I was the bear.  We turned the lights out to pretend it was night time and you and daddy "slept" in the tent.  I wish I could just freeze time during these fun times.  With that said, you are also at a very inquisitive and challenging stage too.  Just the other day, you tried to tell me to do something and ended the command with "Because I'm the boss and I said so!!!" Boy, do we have our hands full!  But lately,  you have been much more reasonable.  Sure you have your times where you don't listen, but you have been so polite and sweet.  And I love it.  You have asked permission to do things.  You have said please and thank you.  You have helped with things around the house.  And I'm hoping this is a trend.  Maybe it is because we are starting to get into a routine now.  Whatever it is, let's keep it up!  You are good at putting things away, especially if we count to see how long it takes!  You are playing well with others and do a good job with taking turns.

I love seeing you as a big sister.  You are so sweet and gentle with Baby Jack.  When he cries, you are quick to let us know.  You give him his pacifier when he cries.  You turn on his swing or bouncy seat to make sure he doesn't cry.  You even poured Jack some tea for a tea party the other day - that is definitely a sign you want him to stick around!  And Jack loves you for sure - his face lights up when you get close to him.  I can't wait to see you teach him "the ropes" as you both grow older.

Sure, there are challenges.  And it breaks my heart to scold you (though it is definitely necessary).  You aren't a huge fan of eating things "new" - you like your standard mac and cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets with fries, etc.  We have to bribe you to eat dinner (i.e. 5 more bites and you can eat your grapes and then 3 more bites before a treat, etc) if it is something different.  You like to do things your way and things have to be just right - you are very meticulous.  You are always wanting to "do something fun" and you get frustrated with the fact that we are around the house more often now.  With that said, you are becoming more understanding and patient with this.  I think that is partly due to your growing-by-the-minute imagination.  You love to play with all of your "buddies" - all of your dolls and stuffed animals.  You put them in your chair and take their picture with your pretend camera and then you push them in your grocery cart and take them to run errands.  You don't like to clean up when you are finished, so we have to sing the clean up song or count to see how long it takes.

I cannot put into words how proud and blessed I am to be your mommy.  You brighten up my each and every day and I cannot believe how "grown up" you seem these days.  I love spending one-on-one time with you - so fun!  And I love the random hugs and when you link your arm in mine.  I love you so much and can't wait to see how you continue to grow and mature and learn.

I love you SO BIG! 

Love, Mommy


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