Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swim Lessons

Katie did a great job in her swim lessons last year, but she clearly could not swim independently this summer.  With that said, we decided to do some swim lessons this summer.  I kept putting off checking into it, but luckily my neighbor payed for 2 sessions of 4 lessons and only ended up needing the one session of lessons.  So we are doing the other 4.  Katie has done 3 of the lessons (I think she has her last one tomorrow) and has done great!
 She is working on swimming towards the steps and putting her arms out to catch herself.  She is actually tall enough to stand up in the shallow water - crazy!
 And her teacher has been using the noodle to help her swim with her arms and legs - like in the picture below, she holds the noodle behind her and helps her float and swim.  The idea is that she can get good doing it this way and eventually get rid of the noodle!
 And if Katie doesn't want to do what she asks, the teacher figured out that she can make the noodle talk and cheer Katie on and she laughs and loves it - and does what she is being asked to do!  Who knew!
 And of course this little guy just sleeps through it all!
I'm hoping Katie will be in a good place after her last lesson, but we may do another session of lessons to keep working on the skills.  I think we also need to do them maybe in the winter so it isn't a whole year between doing swimming lessons!


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