Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wow!  Wednesday, we meet again!  Time sure is flying...I cannot believe Jack will be a month old on Sunday! Whew!  Anyways...back to this's what I'm loving today!
I'm LOVING all those "your ecards" things...some of them are silly, but most of them are hilarious!  I have found some on Pinterest and others have posted some to Facebook...regardless, here are some of the recent funny ones I have found!
 I'm LOVING these quotes on motherhood.  The first one is OH SO TRUE...I am sure a trip to the grocery store will be heavenly when I go by myself!  And that second one - I need to print it and hang it multiple places for those days when things seem to be super challenging.
I'm LOVING this sweet girl.  She has gotten all of her buddies out and goes on trips with them and pushes them all in her grocery cart and then brings them to this dot chair.  She plays with them for a long time and uses the imagination big it!
 I'm LOVING this sweet boy.  Just look at those eyes! 
 I'm LOVING all the together time we have had since Jack was born.  Brad has been off work since then - and boy, oh boy, will it be an adjustment when he goes back to work next week.  For now, I'm going to enjoy every minute of time together - snuggles, naps, movies, meals, etc!
What are you loving today?? Link up {here}!



  1. Love the ecards! What sweet babies you have!

  2. Such a cute blog- you have a new follower!! I love those ecard things too! Hope you ahve a great week!

  3. she's a doll!


    have a good night!