Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pool Fun

One night last week we decided to head to the pool - the weather was a bit more mild and I knew Katie would enjoy it!  I also took my nice camera and got some great pictures.  Katie's form when she jumps in the pool is just hilarious.  And she is pretty consistent too - she looks kind of like an airborne starfish - 2 arms, 2 legs, and her head!
 Landing in Daddy's arms...
 Another jump...
 And yet another one...
 I think this picture may be my favorite - too funny!
 She sure loves jumping in this summer!  And she has also learned to swim with the noodle wrapped around her.  She feels like such a big girl and looks like such a big girl getting around the pool by herself!
 Our neighbors met us there and this was Katie's face when she spotted Stella - so sweet!
 Here is Stella jumping in to her momma!
 And the girls about to jump in together!  Gosh Katie looks like such a hoss next to Stella!
And of course Baby Jack - he slept the whole time!!  I think he was all snuggled in because of it being warm!
Katie had her first swim lesson of the summer yesterday morning.  I thought while Brad is still off work, it would be good since I cannot imagine trying to get anywhere with the two kids at 8:15 in the morning by myself! He said she did pretty well but was super shy at first.  I'm hoping to take her tomorrow so I can see her in action - and of course try to take a few pictures!


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  1. My almost 2 year old doesn't love swimming all that much but he will jump in over and over again. Must be a kid thing!