Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jack Photo Shoot

So I have this nice camera, but a lot of time, it is just easier to use my point and shoot camera.  It takes really good pictures and is much easier for others to use if I want to get someone else to take a picture of our family or with me in it, etc.  And it fits much more easily in my purse or the diaper bag.  So, last Tuesday (I can't believe Jack was almost 3 weeks old before I got the nice camera out), I took a few pictures!  These are a few of my favorites - and I know the lighting is off in a lot of them, but it is what it is - I only have so much time to play with these things these days! :)

What a goober!  HA - love that face! :)
And while I was taking some pics, Katie got home from school!  She sure loves her little brother!  And look at his expression!  I think the feeling is mutual! two sweet peas!
And of course I wanted one of just Katie - and she sort of cooperated! :) Oh, and please excuse the laundry basket in the background!


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  1. Such cute pics
    I had a fancy camera and I hated it. My point and shoot was so much more convenient with kids!