Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Big Sis Has Been Up To

Katie has been quite the busy bee since Baby Jack's arrival.  Even when I was in the hospital, everybody made sure that she stayed busy and had plenty of fun things to do!  All of the grandparents did a great job and were so helpful - and I know Katie had a blast with them.  I know she has had a lot of fun with Brad doing all kinds of fun things too (while I feed Jack, snooze, feed Jack, eat, feed Jack, take a shower, feed Jack...you get the point)!  Here are just a few pictures (in no particular order) of some fun things Katie has been doing!

Play doh with Daddy!  Isn't this impressive?  Brad may have missed his calling...
 Katie and I went out just the two of us yesterday to Target (of course)!  She needed a helmet to take to MDO today along with her tricycle - she is NOT a fan of it because she thinks it fits too tightly.  Regardless, it was fun to get out just the two of us!
 Fingernails!  She is all about the nails these days...
 She got to go to the zoo with Daddy and Grandma!  She loves, loves, loves the carousel!
 Brad took her to a friend's birthday party - so cute!
 And some blocks - another impressive creation!  It is a castle with a moat around it!
 Daddy and Katie had gone to eat lunch and visit with Grandma - Katie was one tired girl on the way home!
And she loves to lightly tickle Baby Jack - and kiss him on the head very gently!
 And a family trip to the neighborhood pool!  Last Tuesday was awesome outside, so we all went to the pool in the late afternoon.  Jack and I stayed in the shade while Daddy and Katie played in the water!
 They were having a blast!  Brad took her to the pool another time and took the pool noodle - and Katie swam with it all by herself!  I cannot wait to see that!
 Eating at Chuy's!  We had our first meal there as a family of four for lunch on Sunday!  Katie did some great coloring and stayed in the lines!
 Watching movies!  Here she was watching the dance scene of the newer Footloose with me, but she has also seen some new ones for her! We have watched her favorites, but also have watched Up, Lady and the Tramp, and Kung Fu Panda 2!
I'd say that she has had a lot of fun - and I am sure there are other activities that I just don't have pictures of (like doing art with Cee Cee and playing/visiting with all the folks that have brought us meals and going to the park with Nanny)!  Katie is definitely an "on-the-go girl" like me, so staying closer to home is definitely an adjustment!  But I think she is finally doing better with it, and she is such a great big sister!


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