Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grandma's Birthday and Our First Date

On Sunday, we got to celebrate Grandma's birthday!  She came over early afternoon and hung out with the kiddos for me and Brad to have a date - we went to see Hunger Games (great movie...and we both read the book too)!  Here we are headed out to our movie date!
When we got back, we got ready to go to dinner to celebrate Grandma's big day!  Here she is with her grandbabies.  Not too bad of a picture!  Jack isn't screaming and Katie is looking at the camera and smiling! We went to J. Alexander's and it was delicious!
 We let Grandma decide what to do for dessert since it was her birthday, and she picked Krispy Kreme!  Katie was super excited about that!  Here she is digging into her donut!
 And then Grandma got to open her present!  I'm surprised Katie didn't try to open it for her :)
 After Katie went to bed, we all relaxed for a while and watched some baseball.  I think this guy was tuckered out from all the partying :)  Um, doesn't he look huge??
Hope you had a great day, Grandma!


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