Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jack's Firsts

There are definitely a lot of pictures of Jack that could be their own posts, but I decided to try to put as many of his "firsts" in one post!  I don't want to get really behind with my posts, so I thought this was the best idea!  I am sure I missed a few, but these are the highlights of his first month!  Yes - you read that right...Jack is ONE MONTH old today.  How is that possible?!  The one month post will come tomorrow!  But for now, here are some highlights of the first month!

First night at home - 3 days old
First sponge bath at home - 6 days old

First tummy time - 8 days old
First night "out on the town" - for our anniversary - 9 days old
First time at Target (same romantic) - 9 days old
First visit to the doctor - 14 days old
 First party - 15 days old (Anna and Shane's engagement party)

 First time showing off new bellybutton - 16 days old
 First time being held by Uncle Will - 16 days old

 First time in the swing - 18 days old

 First holiday (4th of July) - 19 days old
First time at IHOP (yum!) - 20 days old
First bottle - 23 days old
Being burped - I think he looks like a little birdy 
First bath in the baby tub - 27 days

First smile - one month 
(he is possibly the smiliest baby I have ever been around, but I wasn't able to catch a smile on camera until today! And he smiles with his whole face too...this doesn't do it justice, but this is as good as I could get!)


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  1. I continue to be impressed with your awesome posts and pictures with a little one and newborn. It really will be something special to look back on :) Love reading your posts!!