Saturday, July 21, 2012

Princess Party

Earlier this week, I took Katie to a friend's birthday party at a salon that is for kids (actually, it is where I took Katie for her first haircut).  I wasn't sure what to expect, but man was I impressed!  And I sure wish it had been around when I was little!  It was a crew of girls that were all in the same class at mother's day out last year and they all had fun seeing eachother again!  After they all arrived, the high school age girls that work there took them and let them pick out a princess outfit - and then did their hair, makeup, and nails!  Then the "big girls" taught them some dance moves to a couple Hannah Montana songs (I have a video of Katie dancing that is hilarious - not sure I can upload it on here though) and then taught them how to be a princess (smile, wave, curtsy, etc).  After all that was done, they each had their turn on the catwalk to show their skills off.  And then it was time to put their real clothes back on and eat some cake!  They all had a great time - in fact, Katie asked to have her party there as we were leaving. :)  We shall see!  And yes - I do realize there is more to life as a little girl than prissing around, but boy was it cute!  And as long as she's well-balanced, bring on the frills and fun!  And no, these are NOT the first steps towards a Toddlers and Tiaras career!  Oh, and on the way out, Katie picked out a little Hello Kitty she wanted, and she picked a matching sock monkey for Jack - how could I say no?!  Here are some pictures!

This is the life...
 I think this one is my favorite! So cute! 
 From the back - upside down fairy wings and all!
 About to be a princess train and let the store see how pretty they look (while the Quad City DJs song was know the one...)
 Her turn on the catwalk - getting sprinkled with glitter!
 All the princesses!
 Katie with the birthday girl
 The goodies Katie picked out for herself and Jack - she thought it was great that they matched!


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  1. I just needed to comment because I found your blog through Kelly's SUYL Kids' Rooms. My son was born on March 30, 2009 so is close in age to your Katie. My daughter was born on Friday, June 17, 2011 so almost has the same birthday (but not year) as your son. I always find it fun to find families with kid's connections close to ours. Congratulations on the birth of Jack and I hope your adjustment to being a mom of two is going smoothly.