Friday, July 13, 2012

Cee Cee's Birthday Celebration

Tuesday was my mom's birthday - one of many this month!  Brad's mom and my dad both have birthdays coming up, and my grandfather's was last weekend!  Whew!  My mom wanted to have folks over to her house and just have a relaxed get together.  We took pimento cheese, Sister Schubert rolls, fruit tea, chips, fruit, and of course delicious birthday cake!  It was great to see family and just relax - not have to deal with a restaurant and have trouble hearing people and being spread out at a table and all that.  Plus it let Katie romp around and play and act silly!  I think my mom had a pretty good day - and here are some pictures!

The kiddos before we left - both in bright colors!  Jack was ultra preppy in his Polo romper :)
Adorable!  Can't wait until he smiles for pictures :)
The yummo birthday cake!
My grandmother brought a baby picture of my mom to hang up - this was her 1 year photo!
Blowing out the candles!  We only put 3 on there - we didn't need the smoke detector to go off! HA!
Katie was helping Cee Cee open her presents!
Finishing singing happy birthday!
And I wanted to get a good picture of Cee Cee with her grandkids - I thought this was one was really cute...they were both looking at her!
And another - mom's eyes are open and Katie is smiling...a success!
And Jack staring at Cee Cee!


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