Monday, July 9, 2012

Celebrations: Father's Day and Anniversary

I'm definitely still playing catch up from all these things going on since Baby Jack joined our family.  One of those things is Father's Day!  I was in the hospital that day (and in fact, Brad went and got me breakfast from Krispy Kreme - such a sweet guy) and didn't take his goodies to the hospital, so we opted to wait until I got home from the hospital. Here is a picture of Brad with his favorite kiddos on actual Father's Day!
So the Wednesday after the actual day, we celebrated at home!  Such a cute picture :)
Brad had been wanting a Titans hat, so that was one thing he got - I think he's excited...what do you think? :)
And Katie wanted to try it on - this could be one of my favorites of her...PRECIOUS!
And, like in years past, we gave him a frame (this one says Superdad) with a picture of him and Katie in it.  It is a black and white one of them walking down a railroad track together and it is just precious.
And his very own Apple TV!  He had mentioned wanting this a while back, so I made a mental note!
And then he got a UT shirt - everytime he asked Katie what it said, she said, "AUBURN!!!" - that's my girl! HA!  It's only because I wear tshirts more frequently than he does.  And he got some other shirts that are different colors that he wears as undershirts sometimes.
And then another picture of Daddy and his sweet kiddos.  Love it!
And while we are on the topic of celebrations, I wanted to go on and include our anniversary!  We actually went out to celebrate our anniversary!  Grandma came to stay with Katie and we took Jack with us.  We ate dinner out and then went to Target - so romantic, right?  Here we are before leaving for dinner!
Me and Baby Jack after we got home!  He slept the whole time we were gone!
And there are my anniversary flowers on the dresser in the bedroom.  It was the first time I brought fresh flowers into our bedroom and I loved it!  I was spending lots of time healing and relaxing and feeding Jack in our room and wanted to be able to enjoy them.  I could get used to having flowers everywhere!


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  1. Your hubby is spoiled! Mine never gets such good presents LOL

    LOVE the pic of him and the kids on Father's Day. How precious.