Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 Recap

What a great Mother's Day I had!  I skipped out on church while Brad, Katie, and Grandma (Brad's mom) went - I slept horribly the night before and wanted to just rest.  I have to say - it was pretty nice to have the house all quiet and all to myself.  When they got home, Katie brought me the flowers and flower pot and card she had made me at Sunday School!  SO sweet!  And then I got to open the cards and presents from Katie, Brad, and Sadie (yes, apparently our dog goes shopping for cards too)!  Everything was so sweet - and I got some good comfy clothes for the hospital/at home after having Jack, a bra that fits (FINALLY), and a giftcard for a prenatal massage!  WOOWOO!!  Katie was all about helping me open the cards and presents!  I think she got a little too used to that during her birthday celebrations!
Here is a picture of me with my sweet girl on Mother's Day - she thought it was great that she could stand on the furniture for a picture!
 And here is another - I think I like this one a little face doesn't look quite as puffy :)
 Grandma, Cee Cee, and Uncle Will came over to celebrate and eat lunch and visit.  It was so great to be informal!  We had pimento cheese, chicken salad, rolls (delicious ones!), fruit, and chips with fruit tea to drink.  It was so yummy - and aren't the plates and napkins cute?? I had them left over from a baby shower and thought they'd be just right for mother's day!  And sorry the picture is a little funky - I couldn't get it to turn!
 After we stuffed ourselves, we got comfortable in the den and opened a few presents.  This was the best picture of Grandma, Katie, and Cee Cee - they kept closing their eyes!  But this isn't too shabby.  Present time was fun for everybody!
 And Katie had a blast using the blankets to build little forts!  She was so hyper and full of energy, so it was great for her to be so entertained by this!
After they left, we had quiet time and all of us watched Tangled together and then headed out to dinner at Wendy's!  
After we got home, we headed to our neighbor's house for some play and dessert.  It had been pretty rainy, so Katie thought the umbrella was a good idea.
Here is some of my goodies!  Yesterday, Brad and Katie ran some errands - and they got me flowers that Katie picked out!  She was very proud to give them to me.  And I certainly love them!
And being the proud and slightly obsessed momma that I am, I wanted to point out that this is the first year that Katie signed her name!  She has been loving to have me do letters out of dots for her name and then she does lines over the dots to write it out.  Brad did this with her to sign my card and I just LOVE it!


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