Friday, May 25, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I had big plans for all of these flowers around our trees and on the front porch and around the mailbox and in the flower beds.  Okay, get the point.  Lofty plans.  And I'm huge pregnant, so needless to say, that didn't happen!  But I did want some flowers out and looking nice for Katie's birthday party and for the summer, and I do believe I have achieved that!!  These are the flowers you'd see as you walk up the front steps to the front door...
And these are around the mailbox.  I wanted perennials around the mailbox so that (hopefully) I don't have to worry about planting there for a while.  I love all the purple!  There is also the clematis vine that has already bloomed this spring - I think it will all look great together when it blooms at the same time next spring!
 And then we have planters by the garage doors - the ones sprouting out of the middle and then the small pink flowers came back from last year!  I just planted some pansies in the planters with them and I think it looks great!
 Here is an up close of one of the planters...
And I love up close pictures of individual flowers, so here are a few of those...
 I think this one is my favorite...

 When we were outside, the sun was peeking through the leaves on the tree - pretty neat!
 And Brad and Sadie were playing...doesn't Sadie look vicious?? HA!  She loves playing that game!
 And people often say that Katie always looks so cute and put together.  Well, folks, not true.  Here she, at night, still in her jammies from the night before, with cheese dip on her shirt and pants, one pant leg hiked up, and crocs.  Oh dear.  Oh, and the green net.  And unbrushed hair.
Katie loves to help me water the flowers, so that is the saving grace with these flowers.  I am by no means Mrs. Green Thumbs, so it definitely helps that she enjoys doing that.  I usually last about a month and get tired of watering.  But, so far so good!  They've lasted almost a month - hopefully they will last all summer...a girl can hope, right??


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