Thursday, May 3, 2012

Katie's Birthday: The Mickey Party

This post is jam-packed with pictures of the big Mickey party!  This is the first year that Katie kind of understood what was going on and really got into it.  She was so excited and giddy the morning before the party - and she thought it was "party day" for days leading up to the real deal!  She was so excited that her friends were coming to her Mickey party - and she actually asked if her whole class was coming and was super said when I said no.  It definitely didn't help that just the day before, we went to a birthday party for one of the little girls in her class...and the whole class was there.  Oops - next year.  Here are tons of pictures from the fun clearly left an impression on her since she has talked nonstop about it since Saturday!

The invitation!  I was really happy with how it turned out - so cute!
Waiting on everybody to arrive - I absolutely love this picture of her - and I'm pretty proud of my photography skills here!
 Holding up the three fingers!  She is so excited she's three!
 The front door as people enter...
 The goody bags for the kids - a beach bag, cup with swirly straw, Mickey chalkboard with chalk and eraser, Mickey stickers, Mickey bubbles, Mickey book, one of those pads with a special marker that brings the color out that was Mickey, and a sucker - oh, and a balloon attached...and a cute personalized tag thanking them for coming.
 Personalized Mickey subway art for the party!
 Place for people to write a note to the birthday girl - a big thanks for Brad for cutting out the Mickey shaped heads for peoples' notes!  And I love that I got pretty creative with the paper fan things to make a Mickey head!
A few more of the details - balloons on the birthday girl's chair, hand towel in the bathroom, hand towels on the oven, banner over the fireplace, paint with water books as a fun activity, Mickey hats and a Mickey basket with noisemakers in it.
And the cake!  Isn't it cute??  It was made to match the invitation!
 Another view of the cake area.
And a view of the whole food area - including pizzas!  Katie associates birthday parties with pizza and cake, and it was easy - I like that!  We also had fruit tea and water to drink for the adults, fruit punch squeezy things for the kids, Mickey cookies, mini fruit kebabs with pineapple, strawberries, and purple grapes (trying to stick with the colors of the party), and chips with salsa/cheese in a Mickey shaped dish.
 Katie with two of her best buddies from school - love these pictures!
More pictures of friends that came!  We are so lucky to have such great family and friends!
 Katie wanted Papa to wear a party hat with her - they are so goofy!
 It was like Christmas morning!  Katie definitely has some great toys to entertain her for a while!
 A family picture - love this!
As everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" to Katie - she clammed up and got embarrassed a little...amazing!
 Posing with her cake before blowing out the candles
 She sticks her tongue out like that when she gets shy or embarrassed!
 Dallas and Katherine and little Olivia!
 Ashley, Andrew, and Avery!
 And then it was present'd think it was story time looking at all the kids huddled around!
And a few pictures from opening her presents!
 Sitting on the front steps waving bye to her friends.  I was relieved that we had one extra of the goody bags since Katie REALLY wanted one.  Note to self:  have an extra for the birthday kid.  And aren't you impressed with my flowers?!  I'm going to try to do a post highlighting my beautiful blooms.
 Self-portrait...I kinda like this!
 She was SO tired - but running on adrenaline for sure.  She had a blast!
 The aftermath of the shindig...presents opened and stuff everywhere!  See that little dog carrier on the coffee table?  I think that was her favorite present!  It is a little carrier with a stuffed doggy and vet tools - she LOVES it!

Here are the places I got some of the things for the party:

Balloons, Party Fans, Paper Rosettes, etc: Polka Dot Market
Banners, Door Sign, Thank You Notes, etc: Parties in Bloom
Invitations: Your Printable Party
Mickey subway art: Oopsey Daisy
Mickey outfit: Lolly Wolly Doodle



  1. What an adorable party!! You did a great job all the way down to the towels! I love your ideas on the party favors. My son's b-day is coming up soon in July. I will have to use some of these ideas.

  2. Oh goodness, what an absolutely adorable party!!! I must tell you that those goody baskets were genuis. I'm so glad she had a good birthday! Looks like she has lots and lots of people who love her!

  3. Adorable party! Found your blog via Kelly's Korner and had to start following. I live in TN as well. =) You can check out my blog at

  4. What a cute party! I just found your blog through Kelly's korner, I'm a fellow middle Tennessean

  5. I am also from Middle TN! Found you through Kelly's Korner!

  6. Super cute party... came over from Kelly's Korner, it's so nice to meet you!

  7. Where did you find the beach basket favor containers?

    1. I got them at The Dollar Tree of all places - definitely helped the budget :) Hope that helps!