Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  And hooray for a short week due to Memorial Day! Here's what I'm loving today...
I'm LOVING these basket tags.  Of course they wouldn't do a whole lot of good now since they are rather girly, but the etsy shop has boyish ones - or they can match color schemes in nurseries/rooms!  You can find them here!
I'm LOVING this idea - a Chore Card!  When the kiddo does a chore, they get a punch - once all of the numbers are punched, they get a surprise!  Pretty great idea if you ask me.
I'm LOVING that the same etsy store has Stay In Bed Cards - awesome!  If you have ideas about other custom punch cards, there is an option in the etsy shop to have it made.  With all of these, you buy it and have a PDF emailed so you can print on your own or at a local office store.  And they are business card size.  So - possibilities are endless!  Find both of these here!
I'm LOVING this idea I came across for a birthday present - or really any occasion!  It is all of the items needed to make a fizzy sidewalk chalk paint kit!  Here is where I found it - including supplies needed and some printables!
I'm LOVING that Carmike Cinemas also have a Summer Series for kids!  Last week, I posted about Regal Cinemas Summer movies, so I thought I'd include the information for Carmike this week.  You can find the movie schedule, as well as which theaters are participating, here!
I'm LOVING this quote I found on Pinterest (I think).  I love the simplicity, colors, and of course the quote!
I'm LOVING my friends!  This past Sunday, we headed to the neighborhood pool and then came back to our house and grilled burgers and hot dogs!  We were talking about how the three of us met almost 10 years ago - and now our little girls are playing together.  Unbelievable!!  I met the two of them at Auburn - Katherine (on the right) was my roommate freshman year...and Ashley (on the left) was one of my roommates my sophomore and junior years!  We were talking about how Katie, Avery (Ashley's little girl who is 15 months old), and Olivia (who is 4 months old) are going to be good friends - and probably get into some trouble together...just like we did :)
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  1. I love the Fizzy Chalk Board Kit. I would love to get that as a gift. ;0
    I came over from the WILW and I am your nestest follower.