Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maternity Pictures!

I want to give you a quick heads up that this post has quite an overload of pictures.  But I promise you won't regret sticking with it!  I had some maternity pictures done when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Katie and I love going back and looking at them (even though I can't believe I showed that much skin - oh, how things change).  I definitely wanted to capture this special (and uncomfortable) time being pregnant with Jack - and capturing us with Katie just one more time.  Our friend Amanda did an absolutely AMAZING job taking some great pictures - THANK YOU, AMANDA!! Brad was not too thrilled about the picture session and Katie was a wild woman, so it definitely took some patience :)  And I think I have a bigger belly, which would make sense considering I am 34 weeks pregnant in these!

 My big three year old!

 Katie and I always say, "I love you SOOO BIIIIG!!!" and hold our arms out like this - so glad I have a picture of it!

 I think this one is neat - even though you can't really see the actual size of the big ole belly!
 I do like this, even though it appears that I have 5 chins/neck rolls...
 There's something fun about feet pictures!

 Holy cow look how big my belly appears here...
 Railroad track pictures are so fun!

 So incredibly sweet...

 The infamous heart shot...
 And even better...Katie wanted to do her own heart shot - but hers is upside down and she had a little trouble making a heart.  I think this may be one of my favorites though.
 J for Jack!
Hope you enjoyed those!  Which was your favorite?? I am trying to decide which to print/frame.  I'm also super glad I have those cute ones of Brad and Katie to use for a Father's Day gift (thanks, Pinterest)!!

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