Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feeling Cute & Some Shopping

I think I'm creating a little monster.  Before going out to run errands this afternoon, she found this headband and wanted to wear it.  I had already gotten this dress out for her to wear - and it all matched!  Miraculous! She was all twirly and cute after she got ready and even asked me to take her picture!  What a funny girl :)  Oh and she had to wear her dress-up bracelet out and about today too. 
Our last errand was running to Hobby Lobby - I got the frames to hang the prints in Jack's room.  And I got supplies to make a wreath for the hospital door/door to his room (or our front door when we get home) and the letters of Jack's name with paint to paint them with.  It is so weird to focus on boyish colors and designs!  I am also going to have to go back once I make a supply list to make a mobile.  Here is a link to my inspiration...and here is a picture (but obviously I will do it in colors that coordinate with the nursery)!
Speaking of the nursery, it is really coming together nicely...my next shopping adventure will be to Lowe's to look for curtain rods and a few other things.  Can't wait to finish and see it all come together!  



  1. Umm Katie looks like a little lady! Tell her to stop growing please!

  2. Love the adorable headband! Only a few more weeks until Jack makes his debut. Exciting times!

    Thanks for linking to my blog! I always love a good shout out!