Monday, May 21, 2012

Bestest Buddies

Katie is so lucky - one of her bestest buddies lives just feet away from us!  I am so, so thrilled that these girls are such good playmates - so good, in fact, that Katie was asking to play with Stella at 7:30 Saturday morning!  And she always asks where Stella is - whether she is at daycare or if she is napping, etc.  The girls have gotten lots of good playtime in together over the last few days, so I thought I'd post some cute pictures of that!  Last Wednesday, we met at the park near our house and had a picnic and let the girls play.  They are finally at the age where we don't have to hover - we can trust that they will play nicely and play on the playground equipment (we were sitting there watching them - not to worry!) makes me very happy.  Especially since sitting is most comfy these days :)  I just love this picture - so sweet!
 On Friday, I got the water table out and let Katie have a grand old time.  Stella was at home and they picked up some Chick fil A on the way back to their house so we could have a picnic and let the girls play - it was just perfect!  They sat together and ate some chicken and strawberries (and acted goofy, of course)...
 And then we hooked up the caterpillar toy to the hose - they loved running circles around the yard and through the water!  And again - I could just stand back and watch and enjoy it!
 And then they cooperated and sat down for a break and for a quick picture before getting all wild again!
 They also decided that the sprinkler served as a good water fountain too - silly girls!
 Our neighborhood pool opened on Saturday, so we gave that a go!  I didn't venture into the "big pool" for fear that it would be way too cold - good thing Katie was content with just hanging out in the kiddie pool!  They had a blast - they are going to have so much fun this summer!
It is so fun to watch these girls grow and change - can't wait for Stella's 4 week old baby brother, Hank, and Baby Jack to become bestest buddies too!


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