Monday, May 28, 2012

Overnight Babymoon

As I mentioned before, Katie went to Camp Grandma on Friday at around 1:00 and we got the whole afternoon, night and most of the day Saturday together!  We didn't pick Katie up until almost 5:00 on Saturday evening - 28 hours!!  It was so nice to get to spend time together just the two of us.  As much I missed my little lady, it was so great to be able to do the things we wanted - including sleeping in on Saturday morning!!

After we dropped Katie off, we headed home and relaxed for a little bit before heading to our couples' massage.  It was so relaxing and really helped my back!  Then we headed home to get ready for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - Red Pony.  Oh man ... that jalapeno cornbread with lima bean hummus doesn't get much better.  And the shrimp and grits.  And I had a glass of wine that was the best wine I think I've ever had.  YUM!
Good GRACIOUS my belly looks absolutely enormous in a dress.
After dinner, Brad gave in and agreed to see What To Expect When You're Expecting with me.  What a guy! I know he was none too thrilled about that option, but he agreed to go.  We want to see The Hunger Games, but Brad is about to start reading the series and I wanted him to read the book before we see it.  It was a late movie - it didn't start until 9:35!  By then I'm usually in bed winding down for the night.  We didn't get home until just after midnight and then I had a bowl of Lucky Charms before hitting the hay.  And I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep in since I am up to go to the bathroom so much and often have trouble going back to sleep.  But I'm happy to report that I did  sleep in!!  I didn't wake up for good until 9:50 - it was glorious!!  And then we got ready and headed to brunch at IHOP - I did offer to Brad that he could decide, and he knows IHOP is my favorite.  Such a nice guy.  After we ate, Brad got a haircut and I went to get some new makeup.  Then it was time to head home for a nap!  Gosh, I felt like a new woman when we went to get Katie.  I got to sleep in AND take a nap in one day!!  It was great to get our sweet girl, but it was so nice to get a bit of a break - and of course spend time as a couple!  

And of course for comparison's sake, here is the picture of us doing an overnight babymoon before having Katie.  We did similar things - couples' massage, dinner, movie, etc, but we stayed at a hotel.  This time we stayed at home - I couldn't imagine being able to get comfy without all my pillows, and Brad was tired of staying in a hotel after traveling some for work.  Anyways, here is the pic!  How funny would it have been if we were both wearing the same things!  I also was 35 weeks in this picture, and I can tell my belly was smaller than in the pictures above!
And what is a post without a picture of Katie! She clearly had a big time at Grandma's house - she was fast asleep before we even made it to the interstate!  There's still nothing quite like a sleeping child :) So innocent...and quiet!


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