Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Mornings

Ever since Katie has been in her big girl bed (almost 6 months now), she runs into our room to get in bed and watch a show or two so we can get a few more winks of sleep or wake up all the way.  I do love it when she gets in and snuggles with us, but her latest routine is so cute!  She still runs across from her room to our room (I always hear her open up her door...must be my mommy ears becoming more sensitive - Brad doesn't hear a thing!), but now she brings her blanky and Dottie (remember - the doggy she got on our beach trip) with her.  She has loved spreading her blanky out and having a picnic!  Sometimes she will even go get the rest of her bed buddies (Elmo, Eeyore, Ruff Ruff, and Hop Hop) and invite them too!  Of course Sadie is always invited - they have so much fun playing together!  She also has recently gotten into building forts with blankets, so sometimes she will try to build a fort for her and Sadie.  Once they are finished with their fort or picnic, Katie will get some of Sadie's toys and run around with her.  I have to imagine that there isn't anything much better than that for a dog!  Sometimes Katie will get a book and sit "in Sadie's lap" and read to her or get on the bed and snuggle.  I love that she is entertaining herself a little better...maybe that bodes well for when Jack joins us!

Here are some pictures of our mornings - I just happened to have my nice camera by the bed one glad I did as this is definitely real life!

This is Katie's signature silly face for pictures.
Oh I forgot to mention that Katie likes to look out the window each morning and give me a weather report (cloudy, sunny, rainy, windy, etc).  So funny!
Love these two girls!  Doesn't Sadie look incredibly happy here??
Happy Friday, folks!


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