Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fun At Cee Cee's House

I found these pictures on my phone and realized I never did a post!  When Katie goes to play at Cee Cee's (my mom's) house, she always know what she wants to do.  And more times than not, it involves some type of art!  Well this time, she wanted to color on one of the placemats - but she wanted to sit in her "art box" to do it.  And of course that turned into coloring on the box some more.  I think she and Cee Cee have been working on that box for a good 5 months now!  And in these pictures, she has an art smock on that was mine when I was school-aged!  Weird.  But neat.  She loves doing art.  And getting messy.  So this was right up her alley no doubt!  Lately, she has loved building tents with big quilts, doing lace-up cards (and turning them into necklaces too), doing torn paper collages using a gluestick and also using scissors to cut up the edges of the paper, and feeding Elmo applesauce (oops!). Next time, they've already decided that they are going to paint toenails, and Katie wants hers to be pink and purple.  Oh my!  I love that Katie is so creative - can't wait to see what she comes up with over the years!


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