Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet Gift and Funny Story

Just look at this amazing blanket!! Isn't it just great?? I went to get the mail last Friday and had a package on the front doorstep.  I do love surprises, and this one was just perfect!  My blogging buddy, Lisa, made this ... just for Jack.  And I love the red minky side (I kind of want to keep it so I can snuggle with it) and the doggy side is just adorable!  It will match his room perfectly - and he can associate the doggies with Sadie too!  Thanks, Lisa - this gift is perfect!
 Now for the funny story.  I showed it to Katie saying that someone made this just for Baby Jack.  She spelled his name and got so excited about the "K" saying, "K FOR ME!!!"  I told her that Jack's name ends in a K so he would get a K also.  She would have none of it.  She said no that she is the only one that gets Ks. 
Really?? Her first real jealously issue is over a letter in each of their names??  Oh my.  This is just the first of many instances of jealousy - I just think it is hilarious that it is concerning the fact that Katie thinks Ks are only for her :)


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  1. HAHA! Maybe you'll be lucky and that will be the only jealousy issue!