Thursday, May 24, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover

We have been wanting to re-do our master bedroom for a while - our duvet cover was literally falling apart and we were tired of the red scheme.  The window decor was left here from the last owners and it most certainly is not our style.  But it worked with the colors so we kept it up.  We also have a very spacious room, so we decided we wanted something at the foot of our bed to help bring it together.

We figured that having a baby and knowing we'd be spending more time lounging meant that it'd be a good time to take on this project!

Here is a before picture of our bedroom.  This is as you walk in the door and look towards your right.
And this was standing in the opposite corner looking back towards the door (obviously).
It sure is amazing what a new bedding set can do for a room!  We decided we likes green and ended up going with a comforter set from Target (we scoured the Internet but couldn't find something we loved - and I happened to see this one day!).  We also bought a couch for the end of our bed, reupholstered a rocking chair that was my great, great grandparents (I think), and got new window treatments!  I took these pictures a couple of nights ago after we got things set, so the lighting is a little off.  I will try to take some pictures during the daytime (maybe today!) to be able to see the real pictures.  Again, this is from the doorway into our room...
And here is another angle looking towards the other corner!  I love the way it looks with the couch at the end of the bed.  And I bought a few new decorative accents for the dresser (frame, vase, candles) to help bring it together.
Sadie definitely approves too.  Except once we were in bed winding down on Tuesday night, she fell off the bed!! We also got a new mattress/box springs (hooray! I had wanted a new mattress for at least 2 years since ours had huge divots where we slept in the same place every night.  And yes, we rotated it - we can't flip it because it is pillowtop!)  She was laying all stretched out and went to roll over and rolled right off the bed.  It was hilarious.  Maybe you had to be there...
And Katie and all of her bed buddies definitely approve.  She loved sitting on the couch yesterday morning to watch a show after she came in our room.  And she brought all her bed buddies in and they watched too!
Now, the only problem is that doing all of these new things makes us want to change other things.  Like we want an area rug in front of the couch.  And I want different artwork on either side of the window by our bed.  I am thinking maybe a black and white canvas/picture of each of the kids on either side of the window - eventually.  And then we have a sitting area off the room too - we want to have a window seat built there and maybe have it connect to built in bookcases or something.  I don't know - it's on our "house want list" though!

I have a few other pillows that a friend is making to add to the bed (in the same material as the rocking chair) and want to get a few more decorative accents, so stay tuned for a better picture sometime soon!!


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  1. My god! These are gorgeous! And your pup is precious! x