Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Matchy, Matchy

I wondered how I would feel about matching Katie and Jack in some cute clothes.  I thought I wouldn't be as interested since it is the girl - boy combo.  Well, ladies and gentlemen...I think I was wrong.  I don't feel like I have gone completely overboard, but I have gotten some cute things!  Here is a little look at some of the cute things I have gotten!  And I apologize in advance for the wrinkles...it all needs to be washed :)
 And while I am posting pictures of cute things for them to match, I thought I'd post a few cute things that I have for Jack!  Aren't these hats cute?? I know he will be a summer baby, but I just love these hats!
 And this sweet gown with matching bonnet/hat...
 Here is a close up of the detail!  It has trains on it...so sweet!
 And I just LOVE this gown!
 And another great gown with bright colors!
Things are coming right along - not too much longer until we get to snuggle that sweet baby boy!


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