Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Extra Weekend Recap

I have been using my iPhone camera a lot more lately - I really should get my nice camera back out and use it.  Oh well - these aren't too terrible! :)  So with my post yesterday, I covered Friday and Saturday - but I had more pictures, so I decided to go ahead and post with those :)

Over the weekend I discovered an easy, yummy drink.  Now, I know this is very close to a cherry limeade from Sonic, but it is a but easier (because I have the ingredients at home) and I love it!  It is perfect for when it is hot outside, and it doesn't have caffeine for this pregnant lady.
 On Sunday afternoon, after I had been relaxing all morning (I have definitely entered the I'm-so-uncomfortable-and-can't-move-or-sleep-comfortably phase) while Katie and Brad played, we took Sadie to the dog park!  We just discovered this dog park even existed about a month ago but hadn't taken her yet.  I think it could also be called a toddler park - Katie loved it!  There were some other cute dogs to play with, open space to run, and a water fountain to play in!  They also had baskets of tennis balls for the dogs to play with.  Well, Katie thought she would collect them all and line them up...silly girl.
 Sadie had a blast - I think it took her a good 24 hours to recover!  We laugh because we are convinced that Sadie likes the people ten times better than the dogs at the dog parks.
 Another biggy of the weekend?  Katie played with her first Barbie for the first time!  It was when I was relaxing Sunday morning, so I took this picture yesterday.  Her favorite thing to do is brush her hair.
 Another one of her favorite birthday presents was a baby boy doll (that she named Baby Chris) with the backpack carrier.  Doesn't she look oh-so cute wearing it??  And she keeps her sunglasses in the actual backpack part.  Baby Chris had to go with us for all of our errands yesterday.
 Yes, this is my daughter.  Oh my.  She is such a mess.  She got the blue sunglasses when we went to Kohls.  And she was so sweet - when she handed them to the cashier person, she asked her to cut the tags off - and very  politely!  Everyone around us complimented her manners.  Yes - proud momma moment for sure!
I'm hoping to do a post sometime in the next couple of weeks with pictures of the nursery.  It is pretty much ready - just waiting on a couple of items.  I have the stuff to make a mobile and also a wreath for the hospital/our front door.  And there are some other fun posts to do about things around the house (re-doing our bedroom, for instance). 

On a completely different note, I had to laugh at myself recently.  I had taken a shower and gotten ready for bed.  It was then that I realized that I had put my panties on inside out.  And I didn't care.  Because it is WAY too hard to stoop over and take them off and then stoop over and put them back on.  I'm pregnant and nobody knows when undies are on inside out.  That's my story and I'm stickin to it!


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