Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Katie's Birthday: The Actual Day

What a fun birthday Katie had - or at least I think she did!  We relaxed in the morning even though she woke up fairly early.  I think she was excited and knew it was her big day.  Since it was her birthday, we let her make some decisions regarding our plans.  After we finally got up, we headed out for some fun.  Here is the birthday girl before we left.
 She has definitely perfected the holding the 3 fingers up - she is telling everybody that she's 3 now and that she had a Mickey party!
 She also got some birthday calls!  Here she is on the phone with Tanja.  She thought she was so special getting all of those calls!
 We let Katie decide where we got breakfast. She ended up deciding she wanted an egg and cheese biscuit from Hardee's and then a donut from Krispy Kreme.  Not to worry - she only ate like half of the biscuit and then the sprinkle donut!  We took the food to the park and had a picnic and then played!
 Sadie even got to come along for the fun!  She ate the part of Katie's biscuit that she didn't want anymore, so she was pretty happy.
 Brad pushed her on the big girl swing - I loooove this picture...she was having a blast!
 Here is a neat picture I took of her swinging.  She had a blast!
 After we finished playing and walking at the park, we headed home and let Katie open her presents from us!  Here she is taking a look at the goods.
 And then of course digging in!  She has become quite the professional present opener!
 Here is her card from Sadie - she thought it was so cute!
 And then Brad read her the card that was from us.  It was one that you open all the way and can color, so she thought that was fun!
 Here is one of the things we gave her - a Tag Reader Junior...she thought that was fun!  Definitely need to find a way to keep the books and the reader all together.
 We headed to dinner at her favorite restaurant - Chuy's! - with Nanny & Papa.  Katie loved getting to eat there for her birthday dinner for sure!  When we got home, we headed outside to play some more.  Our friends gave her a soccer goal and ball for her gift and she was so excited to take it outside and play with it.  She loves to kick the ball and actually has pretty good aim considering she is 3!  Now if she will just understand that you only use feet - no hands!
 And then we headed up front to water the flowers.  Katie loves to help do that, thank goodness.  I am horrible at remembering to water flowers, so I am hoping that since she loves it so much, she will remind me!
I think Katie had a fabulous birthday.  Now, she will just have to patient and learn to understand that she won't have another one for a while.  She keep saying she wants to do it again!  Happy birthday to our sweet girl!  



  1. I LOVE the photo of her on the swing! Such a great shot! I still can't believe she's THREE. Such a big kid now.

  2. Ha Ha- I agree with Katie! Birthday's are fun & we shouldn't have to wait a whole year. Looks like she had a good day & got loads of goodies. I love the pic of her swinging too :)

  3. Sounds like she had a great day! Chloe Jo got the Tag Junior for her birthday, too.

  4. Katie made excellent decisions on breakfast and dinner! My kind of girl. We got a case from Leapfrog that holds about 5 books and the tag thing. It has worked pretty well. Now, if she has more than 5 books she will have to keep them out and rotate some in, but that hasn't bothered either of my kids. Kennedy got it when she was 3 too and now Leyton has been playing with it. She will love it!