Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun Family Sunday!

This past Sunday was such a fun family day!  It was beautiful that morning and early afternoon, and then it ended up raining that evening - it was perfect for the ideas I had for the day!  I just could not get myself out of bed for church (for like the third or fourth Sunday in a row...oops!), so we had a relaxing morning.  After we all had breakfast, Brad ran out to buy dog food and go to the grocery store!!! How NICE that I didn't have to do that!  While he was gone, Katie, Sadie, and I had some fun doing water play!  It was so nice to be able to get the water table out and hook up a new birthday present to the hose and let her run around and play!  I know she had a blast playing with the water table - she could do that for hours (which is great considering she will need some definite entertainment over the summer)!
 Of course Sadie's favorite part is that the water table is the perfect level for her to use as a gigantic water bowl!  Katie splashed her a few times and I am sure she appreciated being cooled off a little bit!
 And Miss Priss was quite the diva with her sunglasses matching her bathing suit - and her pink toenails matching the K on her suit (she was quick to point out all of the matching)!
We attempted to play outside again after having quiet time (watching Tangled), but it started clouding up and getting breezy.  We got inside just in time - it POURED down rain and even thundered!
Another idea I had for a while was having a family game night once a month.  Katie got the game Elefun for Christmas, and then she got Candyland, Hi Ho Cherrio, and Uno Moo for her birthday (thanks, Grandma!), so we were set!  We had planned on doing this Sunday night, so the fact that it was raining made it that much more fun - a good night to stay in with pizza and games! 
It took some patience with Katie since it was her first game playing experience, but I think she had a blast!  I  really hope we stick with doing a game night one night a month - I think that's reasonable, right??  And I know Katie wouldn't have a problem with it :)


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  1. We have a game night at least once a month and love it!