Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's that time again - and I thought the theme idea was fun!  This week's edition of WILW is the summer fun edition!  And yes - they are all Pinterest-inspired!  Want to follow me on Pinterest?  Find me {here}!
I'm LOVING this - I don't think this will be a problem...
I'm LOVING this bucket list - I wonder how many we can check off the list with a having a newborn in the house?? :)
I'm LOVING this idea...silly and ridiculous is what we do best at our house!  Our car dance parties are some of my favorite memories!
I'm LOVING these beautiful flowers!  Don't they just scream summer?? LOVE the colors!
I'm LOVING these sponge balls.  Katie and I will make these and play with them this summer!
I'm LOVING all the colors - I think we will be making a trip to the dollar store stat!
I'm LOVING this summer photo checklist - I think I may have posted this before, but it is a great reminder!
I'm LOVING this - Fairies In A Jar!! I think this so cool! HERE is the tutorial...all it takes is a mason jar, diamond glitter, and the contents of a glowstick.  Oh, and some pretty strong tape so little hands don't take the top off the jar :) I think that looks like SO much fun!
What are you loving this fine Wednesday?  Link up {hErE}!



  1. I think we many have to try the fairy jar!

  2. I love both this lists!! I'm such lists gal. Those sponge balls look fun too. Gonna have to show those to my daughter :)

  3. The colors are GORGEOUS. I love the jar!